Curriculum Vitae


2020/to date.



Art conceptualization, illustration, design, programmation, implementation and development of the game. Uprooted is a 2d platform game in development for the company Load Bearing Crab Games were I have been the Art Director the last year, starting September 2020. I had also been involved in some coding, asset implementation in Unity as well as the use of URP, IK animation, Cinemachine, Shader Graph, postproduction, use of particles, among other things.

Evermore Monsters 




Evermore Monsters is a 2d isometric card game where I have designed the concept art, illustration, assets, logo, UI and animations of the game.

Emma Gonzales/Greta Thunberg




Making comics with DC Entertainment to date about different topics. This one is for the upcoming book «Wonder Woman of History».

Children Book Illustrator

2017/to date.


Illustration of 4 children books for publication. Started in BookMart, publication house in Mexico, Puebla were the published books were distributed to all the public schools in the country. Then publishing with private writers.

Copy Cat Dance




Concept art and texturization of characters and backgrounds of the game Copy Cat Dance by Bromio.

Animex – El Americano




Worked with Nahuala Producciones doing texturization for 3d models and environments for the animated movie «El Americano» distributed in Mexico and EEUU.





Work made for the Secretaria of Competivity, Work and Economical Develpment (SECOTRADE, goverment institution) helping little bussines developing their brands with graphic and marketing design.

Videogame maker

2008/to date.


I had always been a videogame/board game player and since I was in college, I started doing games with different people:

  • Won and award from Volkswagen with my team for the development of learning game for VW workers.
  • Participated in several Game Jams doing games like Negativo with Mecabotware


    Graphic Design

    College: UPAEP (Universidad Popular del Estado de Puebla)

    July, 1990